Kjul strand camping (1366)
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About Kjul Strand Camping

Kjul Camping is situated in Lilleheden dune plantation,
only a few minutes walk from the wonderful beach.

The camping ground has wellsheltered, planted sites.
More than half of the sites and holiday huts have wonderful views of the sea.
Kjul Camping has modern toilet/bath facilities and a small grocery store.

400 meters to the beach (Good for swimming and surfing)
1 km. to a 18-hole golf-course.
​Mini golf course and other facilities on site.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Kjul strand camping (1366)
Kjul strand camping minigolf (1024)
Kjul strand camping hytter (1366)

Pictures from the campsite

History of Kjul Strand Camping


Kjul camping is a family-run business. The farm was bought by Peter and Marie Christensen back in 1923. For many years it functioned as a farm until their grandson Karl Peter Christensen at the age of 21 started the campsite.


The area has a unique location, as there are both perfect sea views and shelter from Uggerby dune plantation. Many years of hard work were put into the square. Hundreds of trees and shrubs were planted, and drainage of large areas became a necessity. For 50 years, Karl managed to be camping manager together with his wife Inge Lønsmann Christensen.


The site was laid out in 1964 and in 2014 it was handed over to his son.



Today, the son Michael Herbach and his wife Dalia Esmeralda Herbach, as tenants, are responsible for the day-to-day operations. From the summer of 2017, the name Kjul Camping will be changed to Kjul Strand Camping.

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